World of Concrete Show 2023

We are thrilled to share that we recently participated in the WOC2023, the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas and it was a huge success for us. We had the privilege of showcasing our GH400 Safety Helmet, as well as other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products such as impact and cut-resistant gloves.

The GH400 Safety Helmet is truly a game-changer in the industry. With its lightweight design and lower profile, the GH400 offers advanced protection without the added bulk and weight of traditional helmets. The helmet also features an array of accessories including an I.D card holder slot, a clip for headband flashlights or goggles, and four points adjustable chin strap for a secure and comfortable fit.

But the GH400’s true innovation lies in its patented KOROYD Impact Absorbing technology. Koroyd’s KOR is 95% air, which enables lighter, smaller, faster protection, causing less fatigue for the worker. The helmet also features a cross-ventilation and cooling system that provides advanced breathability and comfort for the worker. Sweat-wicking band and antimicrobial padding are also added features to help keep the worker cool and comfortable even in the toughest of conditions.

The GH400 is not just a product but a winner as well, it was awarded 2nd place at the 2022 NSC Safety Congress & Expo in the “Best in Show” New Product Showcase Category.

We are grateful for the interest and support we received for the GH400 Safety Helmet and our other PPE products at the World of Concrete Show and look forward to keep providing the industry with innovative and effective safety solutions.

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