Ensuring Safety With Quality & Design

Caco America LLC is a subsidiary of Caco Abbo Group which was established in 1986 by Mr. Isaac "Caco" Abbo and his two sons. We have over 30 years of experience designing, producing, and distributing plumbing, electrical accessories, hand tools, PPE, hardware products, and other product lines like auto accessories.

Caco America is the exclusive distributor of high-performance General Electric Personal Protective Equipment for the Americas. With an unparalleled heritage of innovation, and having pioneered world-transforming changes for the good of all, GE is among the most valuable and respected brands in the world. Keeping the safety paramount, its range of PPE has been designed to provide the highest level of safety, while also offering comfort & ease of use.

Our global headquarters are in Panama City, Republic of Panama, and we have four distribution centers in Ningbo, China; Florida, USA; Panama City, Republic of Panama; and Colon Free Zone, Republic of Panama.


Caco Abbo Group manages an inventory of over 5,000 SKUs for our private label brands. We are one of Latin America and the Caribbean's largest and most important manufacturers and distributors of hardware and hand tools.


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Our mission is to offer our customers the best brands in the segments of hand tools, hardware and safety products, where they can sell innovative, high-quality, and high-margin products that will help them increase their sales.



We have our own quality control centers, where all our products are inspected before shipping.

We also design most of our products in-house, offering our clients unique products.