Cut Resistant Gloves – Different Levels of Protection and Applications

Cut-resistant gloves are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specifically designed to protect hands from cuts or lacerations. These gloves provide a layer of defense between the user’s skin and the cutting edge.

If you are someone who comes into contact with cutting machines, heavy machinery, sharp tools or items such as knives, blades, metals, glass, or ceramics, you must wear cut-resistant work gloves in order to reduce your risk of injuries while working. There are various levels of cut resistance, and the level of protection you require will vary depending on the type of work you do. The ANSI Cut levels go from A1 to A9. The higher the grade, the more protection the glove offers. Caco America carries a wide range of GE-branded cut-resistant work gloves that meet ANSI and EN388 safety standards. Learn more about which level of cut-resistant glove you need in order to be fully protected during work.

What Are the Different Levels of Cut-Resistant Gloves?

A revised rating with nine levels of cut protection was released in 2016 by ANSI and ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association). The levels show how many grams of cutting load from a sharp blade a glove can withstand before being cut.


The ANSI cut level will be visible inside a badge that resembles a shield when you are looking at glove specifications. It appears as follows:


Caco America has a wide variety of cut-resistant work gloves that are suited for most jobs. The ANSI Cut level of gloves we carry range from A1 to A6. The different coatings, liners, and gauges provide a variety of specialized uses.

Whether you are looking for a higher level of protection or a more comfortable fit, we have the adequate cut resistant glove for you.

ANSI Cut Levels, Category & Applications

The American Standard: ANSI/ISEA 105 Ranking Applications
Levels A1, A2, & A3 Light to Medium Cut Resistance Material handling, small parts
assembly (sharp edge), packaging,
warehouse, general purpose,
Levels A4 & A5 Medium to High Cut Resistance Application in glass handling,
appliance manufacturing,
automotive, metal fabrication
Level A6 High Cut Resistance Application in metal stamping
& fabrication, glass handling,

How to Choose the Right Cut-Resistant Glove for Your Job?

cut resistant gloves

The first step in choosing the right glove is to identify the level of protection you need. This will be based on the type of work you do and the level of risk involved. The higher the level of risk, the higher the level of protection you will need. For example:

  • Low level cut-resistant gloves (ANSI Cut Level 1 to 3) are for low risk tasks, like working on a warehouse, assembling components, material handling, etc, that don’t require a high level of protection.
  • If you are into heavy industrial work, construction, rigging, mining, or anything that puts you in direct contact with sharp objects like knives, choose work gloves of Level A5 or A6.
  • Medium level cut resistant work gloves, A3 and A4, are great for the automotive industry, or general maintenance. Less heavy duty assignments, like working on recycling plants, maintenance work and similar jobs that have sharp objects but don’t require the heavy duty protection.
  • If your work requires a less heavyduty protection against sharp objest, it could be better for you to use medium level cut resistant work gloves.
  • Medium cut-proof gloves of A3 & A4 level are good for tasks like assembly and lighter tasks. Recycling plants, salvage yards, home maintenance work, and similar jobs are included in this category.
  • The light-duty, artistry, electrical cut-resistant gloves of A1 & A2 are designed for protection against knives and other cutting tools. These are suitable for household, artistry, electrical, and other general-purpose work.

Other Features to Look for While Choosing the Right Cut-Resistant Gloves for Your Job


Cut-resistant work gloves are made of superior-quality material and have different coatings, grips, and liners. They are available in a range of different sizes too.

Cut-resistant Glove Coatings

Cut-resistant work gloves commonly come in nitrile, polyurethane (PU), and latex coatings.

  • Nitrile gloves are durable and offer great resistance to cuts and punctures. They are also suitable for use in wet and dry environments.
  • The PU coating offers extra flexibility and dexterity. These gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. They are commonly used in assembly and mechanical operations.
  • Latex gloves offer excellent elasticity, durability, and dexterity. They provide a good grip in both wet and dry conditions. These gloves are often used in applications requiring high levels of dexterity and sensitivity, such as in the medical field.

Different Grips on your Cut-resistant Glove


The right grip is important to protect your hands while working with heavy machinery or sharp objects.

Sandy – In cold and icy weather, it improves the grip of the gloves. Using it in contact with solvents or oils containing hydrocarbons is not advised. The sandy grip provides high levels of flexibility and snagging resistance.

Dotted Palm – Without sacrificing its flexibility, breathability, or dexterity performance levels, it combines the advantages of Micro-Foam with improved grip performance. The dot-patterned palm gives the user the extra grip they need in various situations.

Foam – It gives the user exceptional dexterity for people who work in greasy or wet environments. In these circumstances, the foam behaves like a sponge that absorbs and expels liquids from the palm, offering exceptional grip and accuracy.

Crinkle – Renowned for its exceptional wet and dry environment grip performance. This wrinkle is made to quickly drain liquids through its channels, ensuring a strong grip in most situations.

Smooth – Smooth grips, which have no texture, give the user a secure dry grasp. Since it is a non-porous grip, no liquids will be absorbed by it. It is adaptable because hydrocarbon-based oils and solvents are well-resisted by it.

Micro Foam – The Micro-Foam grip absorbs light oils and water like a sponge to improve grip performance. This coating offers outstanding dexterity and flexibility, making it perfect for handling little greasy objects. Its pore-filled feel is comfortable and breathable.

Liners & Gauge available for your Cut-resistant Gloves


Cut-resistant gloves are available in a variety of different liner and gauge options. The liner is the material used to create the glove, and the gauge is the thickness of that material. Liners can be made from a variety of different materials, including Nylon, steel, spandex, basalt, and HPPE.

Special features that are good to have in your cut-resistant gloves


If you are going to be wearing your gloves for a long period of time, it is important to choose a pair that will be comfortable. Caco America’s GE-branded cut-resistant gloves have various features that make them more comfortable to wear.

1. Touch screen compatible –

With most equipment now featuring a touchscreen interface, it would be great if your gloves could be compatible with operating your devices. Caco America’s GE-branded gloves are made with special material on the fingertips that allow you to use your touch screen devices. So text, scroll, stream, and snap away with your favorite devices without taking off your gloves.

2. Waterproof –

If you work in wet or rainy conditions, you need gloves that will keep your hands dry. Our cut-proof gloves have special insert layers that repel water to keep your hands dry and comfortable. These gloves also have a great grip to work confidently in wet or snowy conditions.

There are many different types of gloves on the market, but not all are created equal. Caco America’s GE-branded gloves are some of the best on the market, offering a variety of features that make them comfortable to wear and use. With a number of options available in different cut-resistance levels, our gloves can help protect your hands and prevent injuries. If you have questions about our gloves or want to find out more, feel free to give us a call or drop an email.


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