5 Ways PPE Ensures Workplace Safety – From Leading PPE Supplier In The US

In the current coronavirus pandemic, ensuring workplace safety should be a top priority for every employer. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has played a vital role in protecting our doctors and healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others. PPE suppliers have relentlessly provided the best PPE to the medical community. They have been the quintessential gear that has kept our medical community safe during these trying times. But PPE is more than just hospital protective gowns. There are protective eyeglasses, hard hats, hand gloves, knee pads, particulate respirators, and more.

PPE can be any kind of equipment designed to provide a barrier between the wearer and hazards in the workplace. In the healthcare industry, PPE includes gowns, gloves, masks, and eye protection. PPE in the United States is required to meet stringent safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

PPE is defined by the CDC as the technical procedures, methods, skills, equipment, and materials used to prevent work-related accidents, illnesses, and fatalities. When worn properly, PPEs can reduce the risk of injuries and occupational illnesses, further reducing the risk of the spread of infections.

Here is how PPE can be effective in protecting workers from everyday occupational hazards –

1. Protects You From Injuries And Infections

PPE protects you from injuries and infections. When you are wearing PPE, you are protected from injuries caused by chemicals, physical hazards, and infections. For example, when you are wearing a hazmat suit, you are protected from being exposed to hazardous chemicals. When you are wearing a respiratory protection mask and respirator, you are protected from being exposed to airborne hazards such as smoke, fumes, and other infectious material.

That is why it is important to wear PPEs made by reputable personal protective equipment manufacturers, who ensure that the PPEs they make are safe and meet OSHA standards.

2. Need To Comply With Federal, State, And Regional Regulations

PPE is required by federal, state, and regional regulations to be worn when performing certain tasks in the workplace. For example, when working with certain infectious materials, such as urine, blood, or feces, you are required to wear PPEs to protect yourself from being exposed. Similarly, when working with certain hazardous chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine, you are required to wear PPEs to protect yourself from being exposed.

Workplace usage of PPEs in the United States is in compliance with these regulations and helps to ensure that your employer is protected from being assessed penalties by the government and sued by employees.

3. Increases Quality Of Work

The more quality work you do, the better your job performance, which in turn increases your earning potential. When you are wearing PPEs, you are able to perform your job duties with greater safety, which in turn increases the quality of your work and the productivity of your colleagues.

PPEs offer safety and comfort and give you the confidence to carry out your job duties. PPE suppliers are now designing equipment and suits that are more comfortable and easier to wear, and also allow workers to move more freely and safely.

4. Prevent Long-Term Effects Of Exposure To Occupational Hazards

The long-term effects of occupational exposure to occupational hazards include respiratory problems such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, as well as cardiovascular disease and even cancer. The best way to protect yourself from the long-term effects of occupational exposure is to wear PPEs when performing jobs that involve exposure to occupational hazards.

The PPEs that are made by reputable PPE suppliers are designed to protect you from the occupational hazards that you are exposed to and provide you with the highest level of safety and comfort. Caco America, in partnership with leading manufacturer GE, supplies PPE in the United States. Browse through our products page to find PPEs relevant to your industry.

5. Protection From Workplace Liabilities And Lawsuits

For both the employer and the employee, workplace accidents can result in considerable damage to property and personnel. The employer can be held liable for injuries that occur in the workplace, leading to hefty compensation for the employees. Disruptions can also result in production loss, resulting in a loss of revenue for the employer. The employee is also affected by the injury and subsequent loss of income, and even job sometimes. PPE is the best way to protect both the employer and the employee from these risks.

Owing to stringent regulations on workplace safety, there is already a huge demand for PPEs in the United States. PPE suppliers have responded to this demand by developing a wide range of PPEs that are designed to, not only protect the employees but also to give them the best safety and comfort to carry out their tasks at their workplace.

Caco America, a GE partnership PPE supplier, has developed a range of PPEs; from protective eyewear, face protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, and more. These products are protecting thousands of workers globally and giving them a safe environment to work in.

View our entire range of GE-built Personal Protection Equipment, and find one for your workplace right away!

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